Advansio’s OneBuxx: Transforming Digital Banking in Africa

Onebuxx by Advansio is an advanced digital banking engine, the ultimate solution that empowers banks and other financial institutions to seamlessly transition from traditional services to cutting-edge digital offerings. With our innovative platform, banks can enhance their customer experience and streamline operations while staying ahead in the digital era.

One of the standout features of our digital banking engine is its customer-centric approach. Gone are the days of time-consuming in-person visits to the bank. Customers can now onboard themselves entirely online, from the comfort of their homes. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and hassle-free onboarding process, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and reducing wait times.

Embracing the lifestyle and social banking trend, Onebuxx connects banking with daily life seamlessly. Customers can handle their financial matters effortlessly while integrating lifestyle activities into their banking routine. Whether it’s booking flight tickets, making airline reservations, managing gym payments, or other lifestyle activities, our digital banking engine makes it all possible with a few simple taps on their devices.

To further empower customers, our personal finance manager puts them in control of their finances like never before. By providing powerful budgeting tools, spending trackers, and personalized financial insights, customers can easily monitor their expenses, set savings goals, and make informed financial decisions with ease.

OneBuxx is gaining significant traction among leading banks in the region, with prominent implementations in Nigeria and Gambia. This article explores the impact of Advansio’s OneBuxx on the African banking sector and highlights its key features and benefits.

Prominent Implementations in Nigeria and Gambia:

OneBuxx has gained significant recognition and adoption in Africa, with leading banks in Nigeria such as Taj Bank Nigeria and Bloom Bank Gambia leveraging its capabilities to transform their digital banking offerings.

Implementation in Nigeria:

In Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest economies, Taj Bank has integrated OneBuxx into its existing banking infrastructure. The implementation has allowed the bank to offer its customers a wide range of digital banking services, including instant payments, fund transfers, agency banking, and personalized financial management tools. The adoption of OneBuxx has enabled the bank to streamline its operations, reduce costs, and provide a secure and convenient digital banking experience.

OneBuxx Powers ‘‘Taj Way’’  the Digital Bank of TAJ Bank which the bank recently launched in June 2023.

Implementation in Gambia:

Similarly, in Gambia, a leading bank, Bloom Bank Africa has partnered with Advansio to implement OneBuxx. This implementation has empowered the bank to overcome traditional banking constraints and deliver modern financial services to its customers. With OneBuxx, the bank can offer features such as mobile banking, digital wallets, and real-time transaction tracking, fostering financial inclusion and driving the country’s digital transformation.

Key Features and Benefits:

100% Self-Onboarding: With OneBuxx customers opening their own bank account has never been easier. With our app’s seamless interface, customers can effortlessly create personalized accounts in just a few clicks. No more paperwork or waiting in lines. Simply enter your details, verify your identity, and you’re all set to enjoy a range of cutting-edge banking services at your fingertips.

Personal Finance Manager: Your Personal Finance Companion Awaits! Discover our Personal Finance Manager feature on OneBuxx. Take charge of your financial well-being like never before. Seamlessly track your income and expenses, set budget goals, and save for the future, all in one place. With our intuitive tools and real-time insights, managing your finances has never been this effortless. Empower yourself to make smarter financial decisions and embark on a journey toward financial freedom with our Personal Finance Manager at your side

Lifestyle / Social Banking: Live the Good Life with our Lifestyle Banking Feature on OneBuxx; simplify your travel plans with seamless hotel bookings and flight reservations, and stay effortlessly fit by conveniently managing gym payments and indulging in lifestyle experiences at the flick of your fingertips. Elevate your banking experience and embrace the freedom of hassle-free living.

Seamless Integration: OneBuxx offers a modular and flexible architecture, enabling easy integration with existing banking systems. This allows banks to leverage their current infrastructure investments while enhancing their digital capabilities.

Enhanced Customer Experience: By utilizing OneBuxx, banks can provide their customers with a user-friendly and feature-rich digital banking experience. The platform offers intuitive interfaces, personalized dashboards, and real-time notifications, ensuring convenience and satisfaction for users.

Increased Efficiency: OneBuxx automates numerous banking processes, reducing manual intervention and improving operational efficiency. Banks can optimize transaction processing, streamline back-office operations, and minimize errors, leading to cost savings and enhanced productivity.

Robust Security: Security is a top priority in digital banking. OneBuxx incorporates advanced security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and fraud detection systems, ensuring the protection of customer data and transactions.

As at the time of this writing, OneBuxx has achieved a $ 3.5B+ transaction Volume of 4 million+ Transactions in less than a year. 

As more banks in Africa adopt OneBuxx, the continent’s banking sector is poised for a significant transformation, fostering financial inclusion, and driving economic growth.Get started with OneBuxx today.